Advanced Pain Discovery Platform Annual Conference 2023

Monday 26th June 2023
The Business School South, Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham was host to the 1st Annual Advanced Pain Discovery Platform (APDP) conference on Monday, 26th June. APDP brings UK research resources and expertise together with people with chronic pain to crack a problem which blights so many lives. Initially supported by £25m in grants from UKRI, Versus Arthritis, Eli Lilly and Medical Research Foundation, and attracting further diverse funding sources, the conference demonstrated how APDP is leading the world in pain research through its consortia, data hub, and research projects, and strong international links.

The APDP conference in Nottingham connected an unprecedented network of researchers from Universities across the UK, pharmaceutical companies, people with lived experience of pain, charities, and government sectors. Presentations on new research within APDP has revealed how biology, psychology and society determine the pain that people suffer, pointing the way to new treatments for the future. The conference, as with everything in APDP, was organised and delivered by multidisciplinary team of researchers working hand in hand with members of public.

APDP Annual Conference built on new and established collaborations, sharing knowledge and bringing together diverse perspectives across a broad range of disciplines and stakeholder groups. The academic programme included Elevator Pitches (short presentations of key outputs from APDP community members) linked to poster presentations, a Plenary lecture, and workshops with the key themes:

  • Measurement in Pain Research
  • What is a Pain Mechanism?
  • Transition From Acute to Chronic Pain
  • Pain Across the Life Course
  • Research with Large Datasets

Conference Materials

The latest conference materials are available for download at APDP.sixcircles and include the following:

  • APDP Conference Report
  • APDP Conference Programme
  • All Abstracts
  • Poster Presentations

Please note that delegates may NOT be notified of any significant updates; however, these materials will be regularly updated as appropriate. All important conference updates will be shared with you via email.

APDP 1st Annual Conference Interview by Notts TV